About Me


I’m Sai Sai from Kehsi Tsp, Shan State, Myanmar. I’m a teacher and working at BEMS Nar Kun. My native is Nar Kun Village. It’s a small village in northern Kehsi Tsp. When I was young, my grandfather named me Sai Kham Kang(ၸၢႆးၶမ်းၶၢင်). But it was difficult to call me at school. Then my teachers changed to call my name as Sai Sai because I was the youngest in class. My classmate also called me Ai Sai(ဢၢႆႈၸၢႆး). So my name is called Sai Sai.

I studied Primary Education in BEMS Narkun. Then I continued to Middle and High School Kehsi. I passed Matriculation Examination at BEMS Kehsi in 2011. I graduated Dip-Ed from Mandalay Education College in 2014. I worked as a teacher from Wan Nim village, Kehsi Tsp for two years. Then I moved to BEPPS Nar Kun for 2 years. And BEPPS Mong Nim for 2 years. Now I’m teaching at Basic Education Middle School Nar Kun. During serving as a teacher, I joined Distance Education from Pang Long University and graduated B.A.(English) in 2019.

Work Experience

  1. Serving as a teacher (Government School, Shan Literature Summer Class)
  2. English Language Training
  3. Computer Training
  4. Farming
  5. Product Soap and juice